What We Do

PRN was founded in 2003, at a time when outsourced dictation was in its infancy and over the years has built up a reputation for providing a fast, reliable and accurate transcription service for the U.K. National Health Service and beyond. The term 'p.r.n' from the Latin 'pro re nata' is used widely in medical practice and prescriptions and translates into 'as the need arises'. These words underline our vision for what medical transcription should be: fast, seamless, and both delivered and charged on an as-needed basis.

PRN is a successful company which comes highly recommended by consultants within many of Londonís largest teaching hospitals. The company continues to grow whilst retaining the values it was founded on and, with the reputation that we have worked tirelessly to achieve, is perfectly suited to the needs of both small clinics and large hospitals. We have embraced the digital era to provide an important link in the U.K. health care model. Our software offers a transcription platform that allows impressively fast and secure turnaround of documentation to enhance and improve the service that is offered to both clinicians and patients.

The transcription is carried out in the UK by our highly experienced medical transcriptionists, working as a team with a sense of pride in maintaining the reputation of PRN, a truly 21st century company embracing the opportunities offered by the age of the internet. This allows our staff to work from home, integrating their working life with other commitments such as childcare, further education, etc., providing employment and maintaining a skill set that may otherwise have disappeared overseas and been lost. Our satellite staff work around the hub provided by our in-house operation. Here, support and guidance is given and quality of work is assessed and constantly monitored to ensure continued high standards